Hoop Bridal Bouquet $169

Hoop Bridal Bouquet $169

Regular price $12.00

Hoop Bridal Bouquet 


Approx length of the bouquet is 75cm x 50cm. The hoop is 30cm 

Roses, Dahlia, Queen Anne Lace, Peppercorn Berries,  Wax Flower, Dollar Gum, Seeded Eucalyptus.

Bride $169

Bridesmaid $90

Flower Girl $40

Buttonhole $12

Corsage on clip $16

Corsage on Elastic Bracelet $16

Corsage on Pearl Bracelet $25

Corsage on Diamante Bracelet $25

Corsage Snap-on Bracelet $20

Hair Comb  $22

Flower Crown $65

Cake Topper Small $45

Cake Topper Medium $55

Cake Topper Large $65

All items are made to order.  We do not have bouquets made up ready to go but we do have a lot of flowers in stock to make your beautiful bouquet for your special day.


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