112 Orchid  Roses Hydrangea

112 Orchid Roses Hydrangea

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This arrangement would be suitable for a dining Table or coffee table, 


This modern arrangement has a real touch Phalaenopsis Orchid and white silk hydrangea a soft dusty pink silk rose, David Austin roses in pinks, whites and creams fill this fishbowl vase, With the little white delicate flower, skimmia, eucalyptus and other foliage cascading over the side soften this beautiful arrangement and everything is set in artificial water. 

All items are made to order. We do not have arrangements made up ready to go but we do have a lot of flowers in stock to make your beautiful arrangement..

Since each item is made to order, you can choose from different options. If there is something you want to add, removed, or rearranged - just ask.

Handmade items are never identical, but we work hard to have them as close as possible.

If a specific flower or element is currently unavailable, we will substitute for a similar colour and style.

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