Dried Flower Arrangements

Dried Flower Tips:
*These are real dried flowers and once were a living plant so natural shedding will occur over time due to the nature of the product.
*If using for an event, wind and rain may affect it. The stems can absorb moisture and rain can cause the colour to run. Wind can cause the delicate stems to shed quicker so we do not advise to use it outdoors if you know the weather will not be ideal conditions on your special day.
*For use in your home, be sure to store in a cool, dry area (not the bathroom or laundry) away from fans, winds and air conditioning and out of direct sunlight to get the longest life from your stunning new arrangement.
*A light dusting of hair spray can be applied to add extra protection and reduce dust settling on your flowers.  A hair dryer at a distance can help remove any build-up.
If cared for correctly these beauties can last for many years to come!
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